Jun 12


There are easier and faster ways to Jailbreak Ipad 5.0 and most of them are not even far beyond your reach. Ending up frustrated about not being able to successfully Jailbreak Ipad 5.0 is among the most common scenarios that users normally encounter.

However, you can start and complete the process without having any trouble or undergoing a lengthy and daunting process just as long as you are equipped with the right software program.

Things To Do And Consider Before You Jailbreak Ipad 5.0

  1. Doing the modification may void your warranty and brick your device.
  2. Make a backup of all your data and applications on your device.
  3. Temporarily disable the passcode setting, remove the VPN settings on your device and update iTunes to the latest version.

Step By Step Modification Process

  1. Launch the Absinthe application that you have downloaded and extracted on your desktop Mae sure that you launch it as Administrator by selecting the “Run as Administrator” option. You will then be prompted to plug your device after launching the application.
  2. You may then click on the jailbreak button that appears once your device is detected by the application.
  3. If in case the application fails to recognize your device even after you have connected it start your mac in safe mode. In order to do this just turn it off and turn it on while you hold the shift key before you launch Absinthe.
  4. When you already see the jailbreak button just click on it and you will see the progress of the modification from the start to the point where it says “Sending payload data”.
  5. It will take around fifteen minutes before you will see the message that says the process is “Almost done”. You may then click on the “Jailbreak button to finish the whole process.

A few Reminders For A Successful Modification

  1. It may take around 45 minutes to complete the modification so you may need to be patient during the process.
  2. It can take some time for the App Store to work so just wait or try to reboot your device to see if it helps.

There is another method to Jailbreak Ipad 5.0 and it is by using a tool that will take care of safely and quickly modifying your device for you.

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The thing about using the software program is that there is absolutely no chance of damaging your device during the modification process as it works intelligently and safely.

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