Jun 12


It is never too late to Jailbreak iPad 4.3.3 as some Apple tablet owners may have taken their time before deciding to go through with it. One good thing that comes from holding it off is that most of the issues and problems with softwares that jailbreak iPad 4.3.3 would have already surfaced in time and would also have corresponding fixes.

The hack software designed for the first generation Apple tablet may appear to have a bit more fuss in its process compared to the newer versions, but it works fine just the same. Below is the step by step procedure in removing the DRM restrictions on the Apple tablet using RedSn0w tool.

Jailbreak iPad 4.3.3 iOS using RedSn0w

  1. Download RedSn0w 0.9.6 RC15. It is also recommended that you back your files up first before proceeding. Make sure to download the correct firmware.
  2. Launch RedSn0w. You will be prompted to select options for the process and after making your choices, click next.
  3. Connect your tablet. Your Apple device should be turned off and then follow the directions on the screen to have the tablet in a DFU mode.
  4. Wait. The process of removing the DRM restrictions on the device would have started by now.
  5. Reboot. Once the tablet is rebooted and the Cydia icon is on the home screen, the process was successful.

The early versions of the RedSn0w software to jailbreak iPad 4.3.3 had a few bugs and problems. However, the version above should have less problems and issues.

Just like any other Apple hack software though, the RedSn0w tool to jailbreak iPad 4.3.3 will likely still have a few bugs and those who choose to use the software need to be aware of it too. If one has very little or no experience at all, he is advised not to try to jailbreak iPad 4.3.3 on his own and instead, enlist the help of experts.

Acquiring the help of expert developers to jailbreak iPad 4.3.3 is the safest route to take for newbies and those who don’t want to put up with the hassles that normally comes with botched attempts at removing DRM restrictions. Though the help may come at a certain price, the services of experts come with guarantees and even a technical support to guide clients through fixes and issues.

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There will likely be no more hack software designed to jailbreak iPad 4.3.3 with the slew of new iOS versions being constantly developed. Fortunately for those tablet owners who choose not to upgrade their firmware, services for removing the DRM restrictions on their device remains available on the internet.

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